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Yolly The Lady Bird


I am Yolly . I love reading, drawing, playing, singing, and dancing……. Would you like to join me? We will have lot of fun.

“The process of creating YOLLY – The Ladybird”

Time Frame: 2-3 days

Time Frame: 4-5 days

Time Frame: 4-5 days

Time Frame: 2-3 days


Time Frame: 10-12 days


Total Time spent on creating Yolly’s Poem Series Episode 1:

170 hours 30 mins 20 sec

Episode 1

Other Poems

Yolly’s Kids’ Stationary

Yolly Screening

Yolly the Ladybird – Coloring Book

Check out our cool new Yolly The Ladybird™ – Coloring Book.

This fantastic free coloring book can easily be downloaded from the website. To download the book, click on the download button.
It a great exercise for the kids to unleash their creativity through the use of colors.

The scenes in the coloring book are taken from the poem. Kids can try to replicate the color scheme used in the cartoon episode, which means they can color it on their own as they have a reference to look at.

And it’s FREE.  Just 100% fun!

Yolly the ladybird – Story Book

Yolly’s storybook book captures the interest of children. Kids can learn how to read with simple, memorable bits of phrases and beautiful illustrations. Parents and educators alike hoping to nurture the love of the written word and learning in their kids can use Yolly’s storybook book FOR FREE. No matter what a child’s preferences are, he or she will almost certainly find something appealing in the Book.

And it’s FREE. Just 100% fun!


Ahmed Bilal
Illustrator, Animator

Klemen Stiblij
Soical Media Marketer

Petja Ilejsic
Story Writer

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